The Secret of Basic Craps Tournaments

Pssst…! Wanna know a secret?

How about the secret of basic tournament play?

If you are a crapshooter you probably know this game well. It’s one of the casino’s most profitable games, and if played properly can earn you some respectable money.

The Secret of Basic Craps Tournaments

Over the years I’ve played in many different craps tournaments. deposit 20 bonus 30 I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way. Today I’d like to share those lessons with you.

Craps Tournament lessons #1:

Remember, craps is a dice game. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.


You are UN Carb / UNtogether. Your cards are irrelevant.

Everything about the craps game is UNPROFITABLE. Especially, when playing as a beginner.

Learn to quit BEFORE you start losing.

Mac Story – My Favorite Story

One Friday afternoon, I was in awe of the craps table in the Lowells’ room. John arena was reduced to a minaret with the stickman’s apparel emblazoned on it. (Ok, not really. It was still pretty.) Several people were setting the dice in the dice cage. Now the dice started falling, and the far wall of the dice case flashed open. Sweet! With a whoosh, the dice came tumbling to the floor in a cloud of chips. Well, not really, but I was impressed. At least one person was impressed. I was sixteen. I’ve been playing forever.

Craps tournament lessons #2:

Always keep your chips in a separate, easy reachable area. Tips the dealer to let the player know if you need something.

I found this tip hard to follow. Why? Easy enough to ALWAYS follow. When the dice hit the back wall, the majority of the players look for the easy to reach area. The majority of the players look for THE easy to reach area. That’s NOT true. They look for the area that causes the most tipping. They ignore the area that cause the least tipping. Tipping should be learned behavior, not automatic desire to tip.

Craps tournament lessons #3:

Craps is a game ofObservation.

If you’re will to survive, you need to notice the roll of the dice, the outcome of the roll, and the way players react to that outcome. You need to Observe. Success in this game is based on your ability to spot what others are doing. Stay focused. Read the table. Look for a good roll, (one that doesn’t match your own roll), and play along with the good roll. Other players will be trying the same thing. They might be trying too hard to achieve a UNCOMBELIOUS state. Often, they fail and give it all back to the house.

Craps tournament lessons #4:

Know Theange.

Know your enemy. You know the dice-setting machine will produce a high number on certain rolls. You know which numbers create the most confusion. Perhaps, you even know how to Adjust the dice. (not easy). If you’re good at this, you can reduce the house edge. (eed, you can lower the house edge considerably, but you’ll still lose).

craftsman-type people often appear at craps tournaments. They seem to have a lot of cash and are frequently away from the casino. They are good targets. Stay away from these types.

Another good target is a player who is a big spender and appears to be an especially aggressive player. There are plenty of aggressive players at a craps table, especially if the dice are landing in front of them. Stay away from them, unless you have the patience to wait for a good spot. (odds are that they don’t have good fortune.)

Hands to Stay Away From

Never play a strong bet on thecome-out roll, like crossing your fingers and hope a seven rolls.If the table allows it, take two quick looks at the dice, make sure of the point, then take your money and run.

come-out roll, like crossing your fingers and hope a seven rolls.If the table allows it, take two quick looks at the dice, make sure of the point, then take your money and run.Never stand with one hand in the dice rack (i.e. never reach back and touch your bet) while the dice are in motion or on the layout. Touching the dice in this manner is illegal.

the come-out roll, make sure of the point, and then take your money and run.Never touch the dice in any manner that the dealer may feel is offensive.