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How To Win in Pick 5 Lotto

Winning the pick 5 lottery is one of the greatest feelings in the World. There is absolutely no doubt about why people want to try theirHand in Life at last! But the fact is, it isso very hard to win.Like other lotto games, the odds are stacked against you.There are individual combinations of numbers that can be played in 5 lottery tickets and your odds of hitting all of them are somewhere between 1 in 14 million and 1 inNDevidences! Many people would give up a great deal of effort and money to feed the purse and buy tickets, only to have the numbers chosen by the system be completely random and no linked to their numbers of reference.

The next problem is the most sinister. You don’t win because the numbers are completely random. Sure the 5 “most widely” selected numbers in the mix, and the “umerous other similarly selected numbers”, make up a largely random system, but those numbers are still chosen at random. And since the lottery is widely known to be a game of chance, the fact that you won’t win makes it all that more difficult to accept.

Winning the pick 5 lottery is one of the greatest feelings in the World

The Number Pattern

A problem that most people do not consider is the number pattern. The numbers drawn during any specific draw do not form a pattern. The number of non-repeating numbers is typically less than 1%. The Powerball has a total of 59 numbers and while the “Powerball” numbers make up only 51 of the total, there’s a clear Intelligence of the remaining 49 numbers.

bye bye to winning

By looking at the number pattern of the Powerball 5/53 lottery, you can easily deduce that the winning numbers do not repeat themselves and in fact, the most likely order of the numbers is G-2-8-5-2-6, although you can also argue that the number pattern might be more consistent if we look at the total of all lottery numbers since the 2002 Powerball season.

2002 and again in 2004, the Powerball 5/53 had the exact same result at the very end. If the numbers did in fact have a pattern, the Powerball 5/53 might have gone down to G-2-8-5-2-6 and G-2-8-5-3-2; but that happened and it didn’t happen in the end.

So what can you do?

Look For Deep Patterns Within The Winning Numbers

So what should you be looking for in the winning numbers of the Powerball 5/53 lottery. Here are some inconsistencies and inferences that I have observed.

  1. Some numbers come up more than once in any drawing. For example, the very last number (3) in the winning set of numbers for the Powerball 5/53 drawn on the 6th of December, 2010 was G-2-8-5-3-2.
  2. Some numbers seem to be in streaks. For example, the very first number (4) has appeared in every single drawing since the drawing took place.
  3. The least frequent occurring number seems to be G-2-8-5-2- metallic.
  4. And then there are the G-2-8-5-3-2 composite, G-2-8-5-3-7, G-2-8-5-4-1, G-2-8-5-4-8, G-2-8-5-5-1, G-2-8-5-5-8 and G-2-8-5-6-1.

Why is there a constant stream of numerals in the Powerball 5/53 game?

If you are able to crack the code, that will surely bring you fortune!

The good news is that in this lottery, as in any other, there are strategies that you can make in order to win the Powerball 5/53. Having said that, it will still all come down to how deep you can go into the winning sequence. I know I am sure you have your own strategies, but if you are just starting out in lottery, I highly recommend using the oldest and most well known format, forms with numbers that are drawn more regularly than others.

ausible, but it all depends on the numbers. The golden rule is to choose numbers that have been recently drawn. It would also be better if you base your numbers on the advice that most experts have given.

Check out the website of the New York Lotto play during the week before the drawing and look for the spread of the numbers. Then, during the draw, play along the entire range of the numbers that were drawn the previous week.

Most of the times, you will see that most of the numbers you are playing are within the range.

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